Mobile recording of geo data

4d-miner makes it possible to record data in the field using commonly available mobile devices to code the data immediately together with its geo coordinates, and to simultaneously transfer the data to existing systems for analysis.

Modern cell and Smartphones allow the mobile collection of multimedia data. In the field, photos, videos, audio notes and alphanumerical data can be recorded easily with inexpensive hardware.
This data is compiled together with the related position data and the time on the mobile client to produce geocoded data sets.

The data can then be transferred to the
4d-miner server synchronously per GPRS, UMTS, WLAN etc. or at a later point in time per cable.
The server with the
4d-miner Middleware makes the data sets available to various systems for analysis: It supports GIS systems, Google Maps and Google Earth. SOAP services and export interfaces make it easy to integrate other systems, e.g. AutoCAD.

This enables an easy integration of the data collected by 4d-miner into your current systems.