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4d-miner client

4d-miner server

Geocoding with GPS or Galileo

4d-miner supports the work processes involved in mobile data collection. The software comprises two components: the 4d-miner client and the 4d-miner server:

The 4d-miner client transforms everyday cell phones and Smartphones into recording appliances for geocoded data sets.
  • The software is installed simply per download.

  • Following registration of the licence, the 4d-miner is ready for immediate use.

  • Position data is ascertained from both satellite and cell-phone location data.

  • Synchronous data transfer via the cell-phone network or WLAN make the collected data available to your systems immediately.

The 4d-miner server collates the incoming data and makes it available for further analysis – to your system and software. The 4d-miner plug-in concept makes the use of diverse analysis modules and interfaces possible.

4d-miner is a web-based service for:

  • The efficient collection of field data
  • The geocoding of data using GALLILEO / GPS or cell-phone location information
  • Preliminary processing and georeferencing of data
  • Intermediary service for geographic online services
The 4d-miner can be used with many of the standard mobile appliances on the market:
  • The customised client allows full use of the mobile end appliance’s functionality
  • Appliances with Windows-Mobile are supported. Java-enabled mobile phones, Apple iPhone and Nokia Smartphones are being adapted.
4d-miner: the software solution for your application

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