Mobile, efficient, inexpensive – many areas of application

4d-miner can be used for all forms of mobile data recording, including the determination of location.
4d-miner is an individually adaptable modular system and can be applied in a multitude of areas.

  • Insurance Companies:

  • The documentation of damage at the incident location, with photos, the time and date, and location coordinates. Geocoding damage reports. The production of risk maps.

  • Science:

  • Used in field research, for example in geology, archaeology and geography. Accelerated data collection in the field documentation of finds and the production of research protocols, photographic reports and find location maps.

  • Public Administration:

  • Local planning departments can use 4d-miner, for example, to precisely document the condition of technical facilities,roads and traffic management facilities and to better control and plan construction and maintenance measures.
    Regulation authorities can document infringements using this simple means. The recorded data is immediately available for the issue of infringement notices, etc.

  • Building and Facility Management:

  • Appraisal, assessment and documentation of damage, planning measures and the documentation of maintenance requirements.

  • Environment:

  • The 4d-miner can be used, for example, in the survey of fauna or in the creation or updating of tree cadastres: documentation of the exact location, type of tree and tree number, the time and date of recording and the last inspection, and evaluation and graphic documentation of its current condition.

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